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Would you like try to accept a Japanese, qualified personnel, as a J-1 Visa trainee?
We at Townii go all out to support the process from the search of a candidate to their acceptance at a U.S. company.

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About J-1 Visa

A J-1 Visa (Exchange Visitor Visa) is a visa that provides paid training to trainees within the United States State Department approved job types and business categories for between one year and 1.5 years.
Generally, as an internship (training) visa, practical employment is possible within the fields of general sectors of business, science, construction, law, and the arts, etc. For more details, please also confirm the American Embassy website here. Our Japanese entity, Townii Inc., rich in experience, will take responsibility for the J-1 visa application support.

Why Townii?

CheckDirect Recruit In Japan

Through our Japanese office, Townii Inc., specializing in J-1 visa overseas training and practical business experience and proud of dispatching high-level interns, we are realizing our offer of a trusted service based on actual results and experience./p>

CheckDeep Personnel Pool

Our Japanese office has an available supply of dozens of potential applicants in its personnel pool and is always on the lookout for personnel able to competently conduct direct interviews via Skype with companies in America.
We are also expanding the tight relationships with Universities and business schools in Japan to look for personnel.


To date, our trainee visa acquisition rate is nearly 100%. This is due to our experiences providing a high level of support for their personnel throughout the whole process; from obtaining the visa, to interviewing, completing all the necessary paperwork, and training.

CheckSizable Cost Reduction

Since this is an intern program, unlike normal employment agencies, we do not take a commission from the host company. Since we, Townii Inc. look for highly suitable personnel that participating companies ask for, we can drastically reduce the hiring costs for the host company.

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