Japan Cultural Exchange ProgramJapan Cultural Exchange Program

Japan Cultural Exchange Program

Who should apply?

  • I am taking Japanese class!
  • I am interested in Japanese culture!
  • I want to communicate with Japanese students!
  • I want to do an internship in Japan.

1.Japan Internship





2.Study in Japan

This Program is Supported by NSG Colleges USA

NSG Colleges USA

Class in Japan

Who should apply?

  • I am interested in Japanese language and culture!
  • I want to experience living and working in Japan!
  • I want to communicate with Japanese students!
  • I major in Japanese classes!

AIR has two ling-term educational courses for foreign students: a 2-year course starting in April and a 1.5-year course starting in October; as well as short term/Intensive course for the students wishing to try learning the Japanese language and the Japanese culture or study Japanese intensively for a short period. In addition, after completion of studies, we individually counsel the students wishing to move onto a long-term course. We welcome any students who want to improve their Japanese skills during their vacation or get to know Japanese culture better. The students can have the chance to join in a series of seasonal events and experience Japanese culture first hand during the course.

Long Term Study Japanese Program


Period of Study Application Period
April Entrance 2 Years September 1 – December 30
October Entrance 1.5 Years March 1 – July 31


April Entrance (2-year course)        October Entrance (1.5-year course)

1st year 2nd year 1st year 2nd year
Application Fee 20,000 20,000
Entrance Fee 60,000 60,000
Textbooks, etc. 55,000 50,000 85,000
Tuition (1st term) 580,000 290,000 580,000
Tuition (2nd term) 290,000 290,000
Total (in Japanese Yen) 715,000 630,000 745,000 290,000

Class Schedule

2-Part Systems First Part              9:30 – 12:55
Second Part       13:10 – 16:35
Class Hours 4 hours a day (45 minutes of lecture in an hour)
Days of Classes Monday – Friday (5 days a week)
Holidays Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays, Summer/Winter/Spring Breaks

Short Term Basic Japanese Program

Term: 4weeks or 2weeks/td>

Activity: Study Basic Japanese and lost of fun event!
Schedule: Available schedule will be announced. Please ask for best schedule for you.
Fee: 4 weeks JPY 115,000
2 weeks JPY 85,000
includes; school application fee, tuition, text books and study material, and event fee
Accommodation: School will arrange hotel near by. Price is about JPY3,000/day.
Requirement Must be 18 and older.
Total (in Japanese Yen) 715,000


Where will this program take place?
Niigata, Japan. Niigata has an estimated population of 810,000 people. It has a highly developed transportation network for domestic routes. The bullet train for instance, takes only 1.5 hours to reach Tokyo.
Where will participants study at?
Hokkaido, Biratori Town, Furenai
What will participant will do at intern?
The host school is “AIR”, College of foreign languages, tourism and airline. They have over 20 different classes including Japanese anime and the manga classes.
How long is this program?
Participants can choose from a short term (2 weeks) up to long terms(1.5 year or 2 years.) We recommend participants should take a short term first and if they like the school, they can come back as long term students.
How much is the cost?
It depends how many classes the participants should take. Pleas ask for us.
Where does participants live in?
The school introduces a place to live for participants. Please let us know if you need one in advance.
Niigata Program
If you have any other questions about this program, please feel free to ask us!